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Nowadays laptops are used in many places for various purposes. From education, medicine, banking to small and large companies, computers and laptops play a major role. Most of them use laptops, but do they know how it works to satisfy their needs? No right! Most of us even don’t know the components that are placed on a laptop or in computers. There comes an important thing called a motherboard which has to be accounted for if you have a laptop.

A motherboard is the main board which is considered as the central circuit hub. This allows the connection between all the components and the peripherals attached to the laptop. If you find there is any problem with your laptop’s motherboard, you can just make a call to smart techies to resolve your laptop’s motherboard issues.

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Smart techie is the most reliable and trusted laptop and computer service center located in Secunderabad. We have the finest technicians where they provide the best solutions for your laptop motherboard repairs. We are one of the specialized ones in servicing and repairing all types of motherboard issues. We even do the home services for repairing the laptops and computers 24/7.

What makes smart techies different from others?

You can consider our experience and competence with the machines. There are even more things that make us different from the other repair and service centers in Secunderabad.

⦁ Same day repairs

Here we are to help you when you have laptop motherboard repair, not tomorrow but today. We have highly qualified professionals who can help you in fixing all your laptop and computer issues and you need not wait for tomorrow.

⦁ Low price guarantee

When it comes to the price, a smart techie beats other service centers. We offer high quality, specific, and defined services at the most convenient rates.

⦁ Superior warranty

Smart techies offer you the most reliable warranty on the market.

⦁ Fastest on-site computer and laptop repairs

We are one of the fastest on-site laptop motherboard repair services in Secunderabad. We do offer home and office service for laptop repairs anywhere in Secunderabad.

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If your power button is broken and cannot send signals then your laptop would not be able to start. You have to check if the power button is working and look if it lights up. If your computer doesn’t turn on still, then your motherboard needs to be repaired. We can help you with your laptop motherboard repair and resolve all the issues with your laptop.

Smart techies can handle your motherboard repair

Most of the service centers will ask you to replace your motherboard if you have any issues, but we first assess the damage and then decide if the motherboard can be repaired. We have our highly experienced professionals who diagnose the issue. You just have to send your laptops or drop them at our store in Secunderabad. So will have your laptop repaired quickly and with that, you can go back to working on it or having fun with it.
Signs that indicate a motherboard problem

⦁ It can be difficult to pin down the symptoms if your motherboard is failing. Here are a few signs that indicate a motherboard problem.
⦁ Your laptop begins to boot up very slowly
⦁ Peripherals on your computer will start to become unreliable
⦁ You will notice some odd behavior on your monitor. You will see something like flickering, lines on the screen, or unexpected freezes
⦁ When you plug a flash drive into your computer, it sometimes fails to initialize
⦁ The frequency of blue screens of death errors is increased.

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