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Asus is one of the famous companies when it comes to the mobile and the laptop world. If you have the Asus device and are looking for customer support, Asus warranty check, Asus support phone number, warranty lookup, or Asus service center in Hyderabad, you can visit us at Smart Techies. We are one of the leading service providers who are leading the industry with complete guidance for the Asus products repairs and services. We reach you at your place and assist you with both the technical and non-technical issues with the device. We further offer you complete details of the issues and using the products without experiencing the same issue further.

Our Asus laptop services in Hitech City

Smart Techies is one of the most reliable Asus service centers that can fix the errors in any products under the brand, Asus. Our team is one of the leading Asus service providers in the entire state. Being a pioneer in the industry, we strive to offer high-quality service at an affordable cost. We are running with a team of engineers who are passionate and updated over the technology to have a reliable service. Further, they hold a few years of experience in dealing with any kinds of issues dealing with the devices.

As the spare parts are ordered and sourced directly from the manufacturer, we can offer the best replacement for the products. We focus more on customer satisfaction, and it remains to be the key motto of our services. Asus laptops are available in huge quantities, and it is referred to as the fast-moving brand in the world of laptops. With such great performance, you need not worry about the repair of the device as we are always available here to fix it.

Our working process for fixing the repairs

⦁ When your Asus products are suffering from any technical or non-technical issues, you can immediately call us or drop a message.
⦁ We will get into contact with our customers shortly.
⦁ We will fix an appointment, and our engineers will visit them at their doorstep with the necessary tools.
⦁ They will look for the issue and discuss with you the issues and the cost to fix the repairs. If you are ready for it, we will proceed to fix it.
⦁ After fixing the issues, we will also service the device and guide you for further maintenance.
Now, you can enjoy using the device as your repairs are fixed at an affordable cost.

Our common services for Asus devices

Laptop display is broken:

One of the common issues you will come across with the laptops is the issues with the displays. If your laptop display is broken, you can bring it to us or call us for fixing it.

Laptop hanging:

There are lots of reasons for the laptop to hang when you are using it. Our service engineer will generally service the laptop and clear such hanging issues at an affordable cost.

Hard disk not detected:

Hard disk not detected in the other common issue you will find in the devices. Our team of talented Asus service engineers is skilled to rectify the hard disk not detected issues. In the case of the damaged hard disk, they will also try to recover the data back.

Keyword problems:

Due to dust, there may arise lots of keyboard-related issues. We have a team who can deal with all types of issues. After our service, you can find the perfect keyboard.

OS not starting:

The operating system is a crucial element for any computer system to work. If you are finding any issues with the operating system, we have a trained team to work with the issue and reinstall the operating system for regularizing the usage.

Touch problem:

These days, people are highly using the touch screen phone, and several touch screen laptops are also in practice. As days move, there might be some issues with the touch screen mobiles. You can approach us at such issues, and we will assist you to deal with it.

Software installation:

Software is the other essential factor for using the device. We hold license and freeware software for all industries. Our trained engineers will help you with installing and using the software.

Battery not charging:

Without a battery, you may not run the electronic device. It is depending on the adapters, power cables, and batteries the device will usually work. Our knowledgeable service engineers can find the issue and clear it for proper functioning.

Laptop panel replacement:

In laptops, you may have a broken panel. Bring it to our knowledge, and we will offer convenient service for fixing it.

Virus removal:

Hacking and virus are highly dangerous for the device and the data fed into it. We have authorized and licensed antivirus software for removing the virus. We also install the right antivirus software for avoiding such issues again.

Laptop heating problems:

Asus laptops heating is the major problem we come across. You can approach us, and we will check for the dust and check for the replacement of RAM for the laptop to avoid such issues in the future

General warranty guidelines for Asus devices

⦁ Asus generally provides a warranty of 3 years on the motherboard, VGA cards, and LCD. The multimedia devices like Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices will have a warranty for 1 year. Ensure you are checking the warranty period from the starting date of the purchasing device.

⦁ You have to have a warranty document, invoice, or any past repairs when you are visiting us, and so, this will help us to know about the device.

⦁ Problems arising due to any physical damages are usually not covered in the warranty period.

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Are you now feeling it hard to work with your Asus device? Do you want the right Asus service center in Hyderabad & Secunderabad to fix the issue? Our doors are always at Smart Techies, and our team of engineers is waiting to help you. You can approach us immediately, and we will work for the betterment of the device.