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In today’s hectic world computers and laptops is almost a need for everyone. The computers/laptops help to simplify the work progress which consumes less time and effort. In the world, dell is one of the best brands, so many of them prefer it. With more use of these devices, the chances for software and hardware damage increased. If your laptop gets repaired you may face some consequences and may tend to pay a huge amount of money for the poor quality of service. To avoid these hassles, you can approach Smart Techies we rectify all your Dell problems and provide you with excellent service at a reasonable price. Our service is customized to meet all your needs.

Welcome to our Dell Service Center in Hitech City, Hyderabad

Are you in search of an expert Dell Laptop Service Center in Hitech City? Make sure to get a reliable service to achieve the highest performance with Smart Techies. We are the one provide laptop service for low cost with your valuable time period. Our experienced technicians provide a complete solution for your laptop and desktop with 24/7 service. Our expert technicians are well-equipped with the latest technology repair tools for your dell laptop. We are able to fix all dell laptop repairs like dell motherboard repair boot problems, slow processing, dell hard drive installation, shut down rapidly, blue screen problems, data recovery, etc., Our service team specialized in repairing all kinds of problems, enable to fix and deliver the laptop on time to the customers.

How does it work?

  • Customers ask for a free pickup and delivery facility or can visit our nearest branch
  • The diagnose the issue the customer will hand over the laptop
  • The engineer will have a complete check at our service center and give the estimation to the customer
  • The issue will be fixed and the laptop is delivered to the customer, after approval from the customer.
  • If we can’t fix the issue, then we won’t charge anything
  • At affordable rates, all our clients can enjoy the same high-quality repairs

Our laptop repair service:

A master guide to any error:

Our technicians quickly respond to make their visitor’s issues trouble-free. If you face any issues you can visit our Dell repair center in Hitech City, Hyderabad. We are enough to gear any issue efficiently by providing acceptable calculations to their customers.

Why choose us?

We are a team of professionally trained engineers for dell computer repair service. Our technicians provide specialized repair solutions for all the models of DELL laptops. Our motto of service is customer-centric, as we believe in a long term relationship with our customer. Our dell store also offers you carry-in service, which means your device will be repaired within no time while you watch. We guarantee that our expert engineers provide the best quality of service.

Services for dell laptop:

Front glass display and LCD dell laptop repair

We reinstate the touch/glass front screen. This service is provided when the screen in your Dell Laptop is broken, scratched, or no longer reacts to touch.

LCD Dell Laptop Repair:

This repair will alter screen issues where we will swap your LCD screen. For example, a white screen, no backdrop illumination, dead pixels, and ink stain draining LCD.

Power button Dell Laptop Repair:

In the unpressed mode if the power button is stuck or the power button depicts an issue on or off the backing on your dell laptop. Then we fix the issues.

Keyboard dell laptop repairs:

The key stops working due to several reasons, it may affect your keyboard functionality. We thoroughly check the possible reasons, and if we discover any issue with your keyboard on your Dell Laptop we will repair it at a reasonable price.

Diagnosis dell laptop repair:

Water harm service incorporates cleaning and drying the device and evaluating all the parts inside. Extra parts are important the damaged parts are replaced by genuine spare parts. Its charges are included in the water harm service charge. Relying upon the intensity of the harm it might take up to 3 days to run tests. We will ensure the gadget will be practical or utilitarian after the replacement of the harmed parts.

Front camera dell laptop repair:

If your front camera is defective we will swap the front camera.

Speaker dell laptop repair:

We will swap the speaker if there is no sound originating from the speaker.

Home button dell laptop repair:

If your home button doesn’t react when you press, we will service you

Battery/charging port dell laptop repair:

Generally, dell laptops come with good chargers, their power adapter back up and durability is outstanding. If your dell laptop is not enduring exceptionally long between charges and if there may be any battery issue, this repair will reinstate the battery. We will repair the dock connector, in the event that your dell laptop is not synchronized or charging.

Hard drive replacement:

We help you to recover the corrupted data as fast as possible. Our technicians quickly resolve the issue and complete a repair on the spot. We ensure your data will be secured while in service.

Software issues:

With technological advancements, software updates and upgrades are getting difficult or performed by you. Our experienced technicians more conveniently guarantee that our laptop is never at risk to be infected by malware or Trojans.

Our other services:

  • Quality service with genuine spare parts
  • Pickup and delivery service
  • Doorstep computer repair service
  • Sell laptop home service
  • Quick and best prices
  • Warranty
  • Professional support
  • On-time delivery

Get in touch!

Smart techies, we are pioneers in the Dell laptop repair industry we strive to provide high-quality service at an affordable price in Hyderabad. Customer satisfaction is our main motto where our highly skilled staff are trained to the highest standards to provide you with the best laptop repair services. We are the one-stop service center providing all your laptop needs for repairs, accessories, and spares. Our excellence is your priority. We value your time, so without any hesitation contact us and have a hassle-free service.