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Laptop CPU Overheat

Resolve your Laptop CPU overheat issues hassle-free with smart techies

Laptop overheating is one of the common issues that arise when your laptop is working for hours on end or uses powerful software such as editing programs and design software. Operating a laptop at very high temperatures can lead to failed hardware components such as hard drives, video cards, motherboards, and more. So you need to resolve your overheating problem with a laptop as soon as possible. We, smart techies, resolve all laptop overheating issues with our skilled experts to keep your laptop in better conditions, away from all problems. We support all types of laptop brands.

We identify the signs of laptop overheating:

Laptop overheating is a common problem that causes a series of random shutdowns, blue screen problems, and data loss. If the fan area and the surrounding tailgate are hot, your laptop turns on and starts to freeze, and stops after a few minutes. Our team of skilled computer technicians has undergone constant training and we are up to date with the trends and technologies to carry out the issues from your personal laptop and desktop computers. We identify the issues like a clogged air vent, defective cooling fan, dust in the internal processor, dusty hard drive, insufficient ventilation due to improper placement, and dying laptop batteries due to overcharging, etc., and fix the problems.

How do we proceed?

Our technicians start with proper analysis of the laptop/desktop so that we exactly spot the error or damage. Significantly, strong malware can overheat and damage your computer. We evaluate the exact error of your device. Once our technicians identify the damage they start repairing your pc or laptop. We recommend you to bring your laptops when you identify these issues

  • The computer freezes on a black screen and windows do not start or respond after pressing the power button.
  • Than usual, basic tasks or applications take more time to complete
  • While in use, a window does not respond, suddenly restarts, or displays an error message.
  • During play, the game stops to respond
  • To remove excess heat, fans inside the computer become louder as they start spinning
  • The mouse and keyboard stop responding
  • The system is freezing or you are getting the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

There are many reasons that your computer overheats. We identify the issue and reduce the heat to prevent damage to its internal components

Our laptop CPU overheating services include:

  • Clean inside the computer and remove dust
  • Identifying blockage in laptop exhaust vents
  • Verify that computer fans are operational
  • Identifying incorrect laptop placement
  • Check BIOS temperature setting and update the BIOS
  • Replacing your cooling pads
  • Use SSD: The best way to control heat
  • Replace the thermal paste on the processor
  • We provide alternative cooling products.
  • Test the hardware failures

Why approach smart techies?

Our expert professionals troubleshoot your laptop issues with a thorough check-up of your laptop starting with a series of diagnostic flowcharts. We identify the issues of overheating and inform you to replace the parts. Genuinely we replace the damaged parts with their original spare parts. Our experts save your time at a single phone call and save your valuable time. We finish most repairs on the first visit by our smart working methods.

We are here to help you!

On your request we solve the problem, our technicians instantly pick up your laptop to render our services. Before starting to repair our engineers will completely understand your laptop problem. We provide 24/7 hours of services. We estimate and make you feel the hassle-free experience. Our motto is to satisfy customers 100% with high-quality service by replacing genuine spare parts. We assure you that we fix the issues as soon as possible and deliver them in a timely manner. If you face any overheating issues, contact smart techies, we immediately respond to your queries.