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Our perspective approach towards Toshiba devices to fix issues

In the world, Toshiba is one of the reputed consumer electronics brands with Japanese technology. Laptop masters everywhere, it now becomes a frequently used device than a desktop, so it should be ideally taken to computer repair service from only those who are experts in providing Toshiba laptop service. Toshiba laptops bring you a whole host of problems when it breaks down. So, are you looking for a repair service to resolve the issue? Then approach Smart Techies, it is one of the best Toshiba Service Centre in Hitech City, Hyderabad. We repair or a quick fix and resolve the issue in a cost-effective manner. We provide high-quality service at a great price and with great guarantees.

Welcome to smart techies for Toshiba laptop service:

Smart techies are your one-stop service provider for Toshiba laptops in Hyderabad. We provide end-to-end service. Our team provides unique and high-standard service support to our clients. Our expert technicians are dedicated to the latest technology devices to provide the most effective service to our clients. We are running with a team of engineers who are dedicated and well knowledgeable in managing the repair of all Toshiba laptops, desktops, and tablets to provide reliable service.

Our dedicated technicians fix all kinds of laptop problems and provide the perfect repair solution on time. We replace the spare parts with the original ones. The spare parts are ordered and sourced from the direct manufacturer so that we are able to provide a high-quality service at an affordable rate. Being a pioneer in the industry for years, we provide the service for all models of Toshiba laptops accessories like battery, charger, and adapter, etc. We aim to provide and give full customer satisfied services from our Toshiba laptop repair Centre in Hitech City.

Our support towards customers:

  • We smart techies troubleshoot, diagnose and repair all Toshiba laptops or computers in-store and on-site.
  • We service and replace Toshiba laptop components with their original genuine Toshiba parts.
  • Our skilled technicians will check completely at our service center and give the estimation to the customer.
  • After the customer’s approval, we fix the issue and deliver the laptop on time.
  • If we can’t resolve the issue, then we won’t charge anything. We provide on-spot service, in case of heavy repairs and requirements we take your device to the workstation. By approaching us you can enjoy the same quality
    repair services at an affordable rate.

Services we offer:

Hard drive upgrade:

If storage space is not enough in your laptop, then you can reach us to replace the existing hard drive in the computer or laptop. Our Toshiba Service Centre in Hitech City upgrades the hard drive with the best price when compared to other service centers.

Virus removal services:

Often you will use your laptop and computers so that it can be easily infected with a virus, malware, spyware, or other. Within a day we diagnose the problem and remove all kinds of the virus at an affordable cost. We provide the service fast and at an affordable rate.

LCD screen replacement:

Is your LCD screen broken and do you want to replace your LCD screen? Don’t worry we repair all kinds of LCD screens and we provide you with an excellent quality replacement LCD screen at a low cost.

Laptop keyboard repair:

If your keyboard key is not working, don’t worry bring it to our Toshiba service center. We try to repair your keyboard keys and if not possible replace your keyboard with its genuine spare parts.

Laptop motherboard repair:

Effectively our engineers diagnose and provide reliable solutions for motherboard or any critical component chip level repair services. Our expert team of engineers can solve all types of models in the motherboard problem. If the motherboard is completely damaged, we will replace it with its original parts.

We repair the motherboard related problems:

  • Laptop overheats
  • Laptop not booting to windows when powering up
  • Distorted graphics causing a line of blurred color
  • Wi-Fi not working
  • Laptop shut down randomly
  • The motherboard does not power on
  • Power on, but no display
  • Hanging problem
  • Motherboard ports do not work
  • RAM socket problem

Laptop overheating:

In every laptop, overheating is a common issue. Our engineers check if the fans are running properly and if not they clean the fan and heat sink with compressed air. This way we help to keep your system from overheating and help to work in a better condition. We fix the problem at an affordable price.

Water damage problem:

Have you spilled water, coffee, drinks, or liquid on your laptop? Water spills can seriously mess up a laptop, it’s then you need to approach the repair service. We quickly repair all water damage problems at an affordable price. Our technicians give back your laptop in good condition.

Laptop memory upgrade / RAM replacement:

Memory is an important thing in the laptop that improves its performance. We upgrade laptop memory without losing previous data. During the resolution of your all issues, our service procedure is totally safe and secure. We replace components with a warranty at a low price when compared to others. Our team upgrades original RAM so that your laptop speed is like a new laptop speed.

Software installation:

We provide complete software installation such as Windows and Linux servers and application installations. Our team of technical engineers is experts in all software installations.

Data recovery service:

Our team helps you to recover your data. Our team successfully recovers deleted, formatted, and lost data from faulty laptops or computers. When you call us, we ask you the right questions and guide you to recover your data.

Laptop battery service:

Are you getting irritating when your laptop battery drains away with power problems? We help you to extend power battery backup by replacing it with a new one. Our service replaces a superior quality battery with a guarantee.

Feel free to contact us!

We smart techies provide an effective service to our clients where we resolve the issue at the quickest pace possible. If you have any issues with your Toshiba laptops then you can contact us. Our expert team will quickly assist you and fix all the Toshiba laptop repairs.